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Samba Printserver and W2Kpro

By gtoy ·
I had samba working beautifully on Solaris 8 talking to Win98 upgraded to Solaris 9 and Win2K pro. Samba file share still fine but unable to print to the desktop printer from Unix. No errors in log and print job sets in print queue, stating printer is ready and printing. What could I be missing in the windows setup, or how chould I change my /usr/local/samba/bin/(printername) file.

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Samba Printserver and W2Kpro

by les In reply to Samba Printserver and W2K ...

more than likely its authentication. In win2k you have to assign users permission to use all devices even printers. Back in 98 it was just "open" and any machine could print to any windows 98 shared printer.
Know that you have the printer on win2k you will need to assign a specific user to be able to print to it or use a guest account. Then you need to tell samba to send lp requests as that user. I assume the actual lp command would be used through smbclient. Check its man page for syntax.

As an example i use samba under sco openserver and print to a shared printer off a win2k box.
From memory by smbclient command is:

/usr/local/bin/smbclient \\CompName\Share <password> -U <username> -N -P

I could be wrong though so check the syntax with man smbclient.

Good Luck.

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