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Same Internal and External Domain Name:

By minookarthik ·
Thanks a ton, for answering my previous questions. I appreciate it.

I have a very critical question. My internal domain name is the same as the external domain (i.e. As you can guess, We can't access our website, worse we cant get our mail now, coz both are services are hosted elsewhere and the DNS wont allow these machines to resolve to the External n/w. Can someone PLEASE give me a step by step process how to set up the DNS for both internal n external. I stayed up whole night in the office, googled up stuff did a whole bunch of stuff but just in vain. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT HERE!!!! Thanks a bunch in advance.

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by minookarthik In reply to Same Internal and Externa ...

The current setup is ISP, Firewall, Router, Server and Clients. The IP of the server is 192.168.1.x. Please let me know if you guys need additional info. Thanks.

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by CG IT In reply to Same Internal and Externa ...

change the internal domain name to a .local/.whatever beside .com/.biz/.net/.org name.

Now if you have Windows 2000 server, you can't change the domain name. If you have Windows 2003 server you can.

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by CG IT In reply to

One of the problems with having the internal domain name the same as the public domain is that your internal DNS will not foward the request to external DNS servers for resolution because it can resolve the name itself. Even with fowarders enabled in DNS. The only time DNS fowards is when it can't resolve the name itself.

You need to setup conditional fowarding which in theory you specify what DNS servers all DNS requests get fowarded to. So in the case of your internal private domain name is the same as your public domain name, you configure conditional fowarding to the DNS servers that handle your public domain name. The only draw back to this is that it can only be setup with Windows 2003 Server.;en-us;3044**

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we had same problem and found solutions

by amits In reply to

We add an entry in dns as www in folder of our and give IP of external website. so now onwards if anybody type it will forward to specific IP address

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It works great save

by cybdiver In reply to we had same problem and f ...

Yeah I went to work for a genius or so he tells me. The genius created a domain the same as the external. This fixed worked in a jiffy. The DNS balked about it but put it in anyhow and it works.

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by NetTek In reply to Same Internal and Externa ...

Since you don't say what DNS server you are using, I will assume Microsoft.
First, the TCP/IP properties of your DNS server's NIC card should point to itself for DNS resolution.
Second, under DNS, right-click on your DNS server and select "Properties". Click the "Forwarders" tab. Make sure "Enable forwarders" is checked. Make sure your ISPs DNS servers are listed as forwarders.
Third, under DNS -> Your_DNS_Server - > Forward Lookup Zones, I assume you have listed? Within that forward lookup zone, find the WWW entry. The IP address should be that of the server that is hosting your web site. If it is not, change it. If it is not there, add it.
Also under your Forward Lookup Zones, you should have an MX type that has the DNS name of your mail exchanger.

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by al_nour83 In reply to Same Internal and Externa ...

To reslove the problem you have to add NS record to you internal DNS contain the name of you external web site with its public ip address

to add the record go to your forward zone proberities and select NS tabe .

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