Same Problem Accessing Laptop Hard Drive with Vista OS

By jjbaker94 ·
I have not gotten a response to a post that I made on an already solved problem found here:

I read through this entire thread and have done all of the items listed here. I am running WinXP Pro on my laptop and accessing a HD via USB2.0 Drive Mate which came out of an HP laptop running Vista.

I'm posting this now and will attempt to find some other information as well as trying some things myself.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Quick update: I had to return the drive so the computer could be sent back to the manufacturer. I did retrieve much of the important data off the drive that my client needed, but was never able to get into the items located in the Documents and Settings folders.

I would still appreciate some feedback.



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did you try

by jck In reply to Same Problem Accessing La ...

going to command prompt and xcopying all the files from the docu~1* directory to another place then try using Windows Exp.?

just a thought

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Well it's a bit late now

by OH Smeg In reply to Same Problem Accessing La ...

But I would have just grabbed a spare HDD and cloned the drive to it so I had something to work with without running the risk of doing any damage to the system Files. Do you know what was running in Vista on this computer? Things like File Encryption are very important to know.

If you didn't have a spare HDD you could have used the Cloning Utility to make an Image so that you can restore the system after it gets returned. After all it doesn't take up much HDD Space to store a Image but even if that is limited Blank DVDs are horribly cheap so you could have burnt the image to these and still retained the entire HDD contents.

I know I use hundreds of DVD Blanks a month doing just this. I don't know what the suppliers think I'm doing with all the blanks that I buy but a Spindle of 100 doesn't last very long and it seems that every time I go to pickup parts I'm picking up at least 1 X 50 Spindle of DVD Blanks.


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Thanks for the responses

by jjbaker94 In reply to Well it's a bit late now

What I'll probably do now is grab an image off another hard drive and begin experimenting with different methods of recovery.

This is not a new issue and I've yet to see a definitive means by which to address it. I am simply looking for feedback so I can have a variety of things to try until I find a method that works. I can then provide valuable insight for others who are experiencing the same problem.

I wonder if anyone would be willing to perform such a procedure and post their results?


1. Remove a healthy / operational hard drive running Vista w/ a username/password and w/o encryption.

2. Clone the drive (as you suggested) and replace the hard drive.

3. Push the image to another hard drive used strictly for experimentation purposes.

4. Provide feedback regarding the procedure and results achieved.

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I do that whenever I have to send a Customers NB away

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks for the responses

Though it doesn't have Vista loaded as I only do business work and as such the clients only use XP Pro.

But with any NB that has to be returned to the maker I always image the HDD before sending it away. The company that it gets sent always wipe HDD's and reimage them as they sell hardware and to them that is the most valuable part. But to my customers Data is the Valuable part of the computer. I can replace the NB in minutes reload the software in under a day if requied but I can not do anything about data that used to be on a HDD after it has been wiped.

Well that strictly speaking isn't correct but lets just say I don't let things get to the stage where I have to waste tens or hundreds of hours to recover some Data.


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