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same user name and password

By sahilshaa ·
hi body;
it's a critical problem that two systems in which windows 2000 pro installed and logon from local administrator account, are connected as same workgroup or peer to peer no dns or dhcp.
one system has printer and other share with this.
problem is that if we keep different password of both systems for administrator username, after restart systems share printer system does not print and give error "unable to connect or access is denied" and local printer system gives print very well.
But if i keep same password of both systems of local administrator username account everything is ok no error occured after restart and system is well connect from printer.
whats the reason of this problem please give me a solution of this problem.
thank you

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by BFilmFan In reply to same user name and passwo ...

You've not granted the other system the correct permissions to print.

And using the local administrator account to login and print is a bad idea.

Create individual user accounts and grant them permissions to the share.

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by wcp In reply to same user name and passwo ...

For p-to-p network, each computer must have user accounts and corresponding passwords of other computers to share folders and printers, and they must have the same workgroup name. Otherwise, there will be absolutely no security.

For example, computer 1 initially has an account A with password pwA and computer 2 an account B with password pwB. For the two computers to share files and printers, each must have the other account with the corresponding password. Thus, computer 1 must also have account B with password pwB and computer 2 account A with password pwB.

In your case, the account A and B are Administrator and therefore the password must be the same.

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by wcp In reply to

In the second paragraph, the last word pwB should have been pwA.

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by birojit.nath In reply to same user name and passwo ...

When a printer has been installed in a system. and you accesing the printer from Different System you should have access to that PC where the Printer has been installed and Shared. So when you have same password on both the System. you can easily access the PC where the Priner has been connected and shared.


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