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I am wondering if someone could offer a simple configuration for a spare Cisco 2600 router and Cisco 3550 switch combination to allow access to the internet for a small number of future visiting users to a work site. I have looked for information on internet sites but wondered if someone could come up with a simple configuration for router / switch which they have successfully used. I have a temporarily unused 10 Meg optical Ethernet link on site to my ISP who supplied an IP address range (example / 2. My plan was to use one of the ISP supplied addresses on the outside interface and NAT overload on the inside interface using / 24. I am particularly interested in how IP addresses are allocated in the configuration of the external interface to the ISP (i.e. does the ISP use for its end of the link and for the router external interface), the router internal interface to the switch and the switch interface to the router and the switch ports for connection of the client laptops.
On the client laptops I take it the network connection configuration is:
Client IP address ???.???.???.??? ? how are they allocated
Subnet Mask / 24 (
Default Gateway Router internal interface IP address
DNS Primary Server Address As supplied by ISP
DNS Secondary Server Address As supplied by ISP
Looking at some internet configurations shown on the router interfaces half duplex is used on the interfaces, is there a particular reason for this ?

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configure the WAN port with WAN addressing [ISP]

by CG IT In reply to Sample Cisco internet rou ...

configure the LAN port as you mentioned.

it's that simple.

side note: don't have to do anything with the layer 3 switch. if the switchports negotiate half duplex, I'd change that but that's about it.

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by Mal013 In reply to configure the WAN port wi ...

Thanks for the reply, I successfully configured the router and switch and the solution worked. Thanks again.

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