sampling Input range contains non-numeric data

By Chris K ·
I am so frustrated with Excel 2003 Data Analysis Tool. I hope you can help. I have a file with 11,432 rows and 6 columns; first, mid and last name, userid, 7-9 numberic number and status. All can be text. I just want to be able to pull out 200 random samples based upon the 7-9 numeric number. Everytime I run the random sampling analysis and output to a new worksheet same workbook, I get the error message - sampling Input range contains non-numeric data. What am I doing wrong? I tried filling the same number of cells as the 7-9 number with a 1 and then did a copy and paste special multiply to convert from text to number and that worked on the column but I still get the same message. ????? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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Header row?

by Maevinn In reply to sampling Input range cont ...

Is there a header row that might be getting included?

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Excel Sampling Error - Nonnumeric

by Chris K In reply to Header row?

There is a header row but the Excel add-in has a checkbox to take this into account. I took out the headings and redid the analysis without the heading and got the same error message. When I run it, I include all 6 columns made up of text and numbers. I did check and all of them are formatted now to numbers. I just noticed that the 3 columns of text are supposed to be right justified but are not. They have spaces after the text to the right of the cell. I do have blank cells in the number column and numbers of diff. lengths.
I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for getting back to me!

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Cell format!

by Maevinn In reply to Excel Sampling Error - No ...

Select the columns and verify that the cells are formatted properly. Sounds like some cells have been formatted as text instead of numeric (int).

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