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    Samsung D820


    by leewyn ·

    Is it possible for me to copy messages from my D820 to my pc? If so, what software is used and where can i find it?

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      by leewyn ·

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      Samsung USB cable and PC Studio 3…

      by older mycroft ·

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      Is what you require.

      The cable will be available from any Samsung mobile phone stockist.

      The PC software is 55.34 MB and you’ll have to find a suitable source on the internet. Google is your friend for this.

      As an afterthought, I notice your phone has a MicroSD card slot. There may be some way that you could use it to transfer the messages if you invest in multicard reader hardware for your PC.

      Hope this helps.

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        Samsung PC Studio 3

        by leewyn ·

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        Hey Old Mycroft! Thanx a mil for your help. After a bit of searching, I found a link for pc studio 3. Only thing is, the file was 38.7MB as opposed to 55.34MB as you said, should I be concerned? I haven’t tested it yet though.

        Thanx once again.

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