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Samsung DVD SD-608

By dubbleeagle ·

my brother has a Samsung DVD-ROM (SD-608), but he can't change the DMA-setting (unable to change it into "Enabled"). When he plays a DVD-rom the movie shakes.

Can anyone give some idea's please.
We already tried reinstalling drivers.
Windows (9 also says there is no DVD-ROM in the computer, but a CD-ROM (if this can help)

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Samsung DVD SD-608

by Diamond Dan In reply to Samsung DVD SD-608

hi dubbleeagle,

in order to have DMA enabled device ( and clean playback) you need the following:

1) DMA enabled DVD-ROM
2) DMA enabled OS
3) DMA enabled BIOS
4) DMA enabled IDE controller
5) DMA enabled IDE cable (usually 80 conductor, 40 pin)

you have 1 & 2, so first try unistalling the DVD-ROM (the whole device not just the driver)in the device manager and then reinstall with the new driver and see if windows will allow changing the DMA setting. If not, then DMA is not enabled in the BIOS.

Check CMOS setting for your hard drive to see if DMA is enabled. If it is then your BIOS supports DMA, if not then your DVD will not ever be capable of DMA (unless you upgrade your BIOS). If your hard drive is using DMA mode, then check the settings for the DVD-ROM and try to enable DMA in the CMOS. You may have to take the drive off of auto and manually set it to CD-ROM (this is ok, just use the settings that BIOS provided previously and change the file transfer mode.
If you cannot get this change to work correctly, then you may have issues with the controller, cable, or even the sharing of the onboard controller with the hard drive (or another DMA device).

This can be a tricky monkey to fix, I had same problem on my system and ended up getting a PCI controller board that I plugged my DVD into(using a 80 conductor cable). The DVD works great now and I have full DMA data transfer. My problem was that my secondary IDE controller on the motherboard did not support DMA.

let me know how it goes,


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Samsung DVD SD-608

by dubbleeagle In reply to Samsung DVD SD-608
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Samsung DVD SD-608

by dubbleeagle In reply to Samsung DVD SD-608

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