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    Samsung hints that new foldable phone will cost £2,000.


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    Hold onto your hats because Samsung is all set to release its first foldable phone.

    Yes, the intriguing device will be called the Samsung Galaxy F (presumably the ‘F’ stands for foldable!) and will be the first of its kind from the major brand.

    It’s pretty darn exciting stuff. So, what on earth can we expect to pay for this top-of-the-range tech?

    How Much Will Samsung Galaxy F Cost?
    Well, there’s no official word from Samsung yet, however, one of the company’s executive has given us a little food for thought.

    “The folder phone will be released at twice the price of a premium phone, so a strong user case is needed,” one Samsung Executive reportedly told the Korean media, according to a report from Phone Arena.

    The top-of-the-range flagship devices tend to retail at around the £1,000-point these days. That could well mean that the Samsung Galaxy F will be released with a price tag of around £2,000.

    Of course, no one is going to confirm that price until the flagship phone is officially announced later this month.

    But will Samsung Galaxy F really be worth the cost? The short answer is, well, yes.

    The fact of the matter is that you’re paying for a whole new experience here. You have to keep in mind that the device is carrying technology that is brand spanking new. The idea of having a handset that can fold out to make a tablet is most certainly an alluring one.

    The Future of Flagship Smartphones
    The Samsung Galaxy F could be a real market game-changer. We’ve been waiting for the mainstream release of foldable phones for quite some time and have previously seen prototypes showcasing the tech. Add that to the fact that phone screens keep getting bigger and bigger, and this new flagship may be just what we all need right now.

    Can’t wait to see the Samsung Galaxy F for yourself? You’re not alone. Luckily, we’ll all find out more about the new phone on 20th February as part of the upcoming Unpacked event. Saying that, it looks like Samsung leaked a sneaked preview of it in a recent video.

    The launch will also see the announcements of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ as well. The devices are alleged to have massive punch-hole displays, which will see the selfie cam positioned in the corner of the screen, and high-tech features

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