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Samsung installs keylogger at factory

By Michael Kassner Contributor ·

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Ridiculous, isn't it?

by seanferd In reply to Samsung installs keylogge ...

<i>As Hassan notes, the incident is reminiscent of the Sony BMG rootkit fiasco of 2005.</i>

No kidding. Reminiscent, only worse. Although the keylogger isn't (apparently) rootkit-hidden, the fact that the OEM installed the software is just disgusting.

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Wow, that is just not believable

by Michael Jay In reply to Samsung installs keylogge ...

that Samsung would do something so blatant and obvious, I think Samsung's lawyers will be busy.

Even if proved untrue, this could be a bloody nose for Samsung.

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Michael, You had the foresight

Apparently the keylogger app wasn't. It was a false positive. I thought I vetted the news sufficiently. Guess not:

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If everybody is telling the whole truth in this case

by robo_dev In reply to Samsung installs keylogge ...

Then this is an object lesson in controlling what your employees say to outside people.

For the guy at Samsung to tell the security researcher "oh yeah, we install keyloggers" and then later say "whoops, we don't install keyloggers" is a very very big screwup. I would venture to say that Samsung has one less employee in tech support at this time.

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Right - why did Samsung then "admit" to this?

by seanferd In reply to If everybody is telling t ...

I don't get it. Maybe they used a similar poor test for the keylogger? Or was Samsung motivated to "do the right thing" even though nothing wrong was done in the first place?

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So is it, or is it not?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Samsung installs keylogge ...

How can one guy finding a commercial keylogger on two new systems = false positive from some virus boys????

Not sure who's doing who, but someone is getting f'ed here...

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Not true is the latest

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to So is it, or is it not?

I read it in four different sources that I normally trust, NetworkWorld for one. I guess I should have looked harder.

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Well if I was in charge of Samsung

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not true is the latest

My biggest concern would be how easy it was to believe that they would do such a thing....

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Not so...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Not true is the latest

You just need to revise your trusted list.
A trustworthy source can become untrustworthy simply by way of an editor being on sick leave.
If enough other people trust the same source, you'll see apparent corroboration.
Or maybe just trust, but make certain.

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