Samsung Odyssey G5 34' 165Hz DisplayPort problem.

By teh3az ·
Tags: Windows, Hardware
Hello guys,

My monitor won't power on DisplayPort, the blue power keeps blinking.
It works fine on HDMI, but it shows only 60Hz.
I've tried to disconnect the power chord and everything then turned it on, I've tried 2 display ports, same problem

Btw when I connect my Displayport, I press the menu on the monitor and it shows 165Hz, but it shows nothing, black screen and the blue power keeps blinking.
But when I switch it to HDMI it shows 100Hz only.
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Re: monitor

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Samsung Odyssey G5 34' 16 ...

Your post isn't really clear.

You say that with HDMI it only shows 60Hz. Later you say that with HDMI it only shows 100 Hz. For DP, you're more consistent: the menu shows 165 HZ, but there's no image from the source.

Did you try to set the frequency for DP lower. What frequency does the unknown device it's connected to deliver?

Anyway, if you can't get it working, it seems a warranty issue. Contact Samsung customer service or the shop where you bought it for advice.

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Dp issue

by teh3az In reply to Re: monitor

Sorry I meant to say 100Hz, thanks for correcting.
It's connected to my PC, the HDMI works fine, but the DP isn't
I tried to change the Dp Ver from the Menu from 1.4 to 1.2 to 1.1, same issue.
I don't know if the monitor is set on saving mode when I connect to DP or what but the power button keeps blinking for no reason, no issue with HDMI at all.

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Re: monitor

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Dp issue

In such a case the first thing to do is to check what happens
(1) if you use another DP connected monitor on this PC, and
(2) if you use this monitor on another PC that works fine with its own DP connected monitor
Then you know if it's something in the monitor or in the PC.
If you don't have the necessary hardware, any repair shop can do it for you.

What does the user manual of the monitor say about the meaning of the blinking blue power button?

Possible causes of what you see seem to me:
- DP port on PC sends no signal
- DP port on PC sends with unsupported frequency
- monitor is defective
- bad settings on the monitor
- cable is defective
but it might be something else.

And, by the way, since it shows the menu it's powered on, so the first sentence of your original post clearly is wrong. Without power it doesn't show anything.
If you happen to contact the Samsung customer support or the shop you bought it or a local repair shop, be sure to use the right description of what it does or doesn't.

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by teh3az In reply to Re: monitor


This video shows the exact problem, sorry for the low quality.

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