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I have recently bought a Samsung Q60T and noticed the subtitles cannot be turned off when you are trying to watch a file(mkv, MP4 etc) via an external method, ie a HDD plugged directly into the TV.

My older full HD TV(UE55H6400AK) does this via the 'Tools' button on the remote with zero issues. However the new Q60T doesn't have the same option. I have tried turning the subtitles off via the option available in the Accessibility menu, but whether they are greyed out or not, that funtion does not turn subtitles off for the HDD, only for live TV - I've been onto Samsung support and this is direct from them.

Apparently the older TV has Orsay OS which is capable of this, but Tizon OS is not.

By subtitles I mean like, (KIDS CHATTERING IN DISTANCE) or the dialogue between characters. There is also no Closed Captions/CC option to turn off either.

Suggestions? Very close to just getting another brand of TV but don't want to. If this is not the correct area to post this please tell me where to post it :)
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What's the question here?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to SAMSUNG Q60T - TURN THE S ...

You've already talked to Samsung and have the answer as well as you trying it yourself.

So this model doesn't do that. I can partly explain it as "Smart TVs are barely passable video file players."

As in, they pale in comparison to just about any software player like VLC Player and the others.

Since it's a file, you can delete the closed caption file so it can't play CC.

That out of the way, last year a client complained about not being able to turn off the CC and I could at the office. FINALLY they brought in a video file (pirated of course!) and the CC was BURNT INTO THE VIDEO ITSELF so there is no on/off for that!

Why folk complain about pirated content is well, another topic.

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I understand but...

by Iamtech12 In reply to What's the question here?

Ok so, I totally get where you're coming from here. However the subs are not hardcoded into the video file, my older model turns them off for the exact same file.

But yes I'm learning that I'm going to need a media player to supplement this TV. Even though I never once needed that for my much older model, that's the bit that gets me, why an older model has this basic funtionality, yet a brand new model doesn't...

There is no caption file or .srt/subtitle file. It may be embedded but not hardcoded. Im unable to delete the file for this reason.

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Without the example file.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I understand but...

I will not be able to give you any exact answer on how to remove the CC or subtitles.

Remember I'm not going to write about HARDCODED or EMBEDDED TITLES. These are burned into the video and are not CC at all. For SOFT SUBTITLES we can use HANDBRAKE to remove them.

"How to Remove Subtitles from Video with Handbrake
Handbrake is a totally free open-source video transcoder. You can remove subtitles in the interface after import videos. Follow the steps below to have a try.

Step 1: Open Handbrake and import video, or you can just drop the video to interface.

Step 2: Click the Subtitles tab in below. Choose Clear."

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Thank you

by Iamtech12 In reply to Without the example file.

Yes I have downloaded and tried handbrake, indeed this does remove the subs, which is great, however I also found the quality degraded and the file type altered to M4A for some reason.

But yes it did indeed work, unfortunately it also took 1hour15mins to do it and my PC is not slow by any means, it's very up to date, SSD, decent graphics card, 16GB RAM etc, you get the gist... So my option appears to be either use a standalone media player, or another TV.

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There are forums all about video encoding.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thank you

I know there are better settings but I must defer to video encoding forums such as .

There may be a way in VLC Player to set the CC track to 0 or 99 as I read but this is for video editing forums to address.

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by Iamtech12 In reply to There are forums all abou ...

Yup it's looking like it will be a separate media player. I've actually noticed Nvidia Shield TV Pro, seems promising but expensive, thoughts?

I will look into those links as well, always nice to have options!

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VLC Player does editing too.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to VLC

I've used it many times. But I'm not the best person in all it can do or how to maintain the quality when you use Handbrake. The video editing forums are better suited to that.

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