Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB 1 gig not recognized

By jmarchetto ·
I just recently bought a Sandisk Micro Cruzer 1 gig USB drive. I have used other Sandisk drives without issue, but this one my PC will not recognize (the orange light on the thumb drive comes on and that is it).

The very first time I plugged it in, it did access it, but never to the point of showing the u3 interface. (I might have screwed up by selecting the "don't load again" option when an error popped up on that inaugural run.)

Is there someway of getting another attempt, by manually editing the registry or ????

I have a 3 year old Compaq Presario 6000 desktop (Athlon XP 2600 2.13MHz w/ 512 RAM) running WinXP SP2.

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Does it recognize??

by sreevatsamk In reply to Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB ...

When u connect ur USB does it recognize ????.. Check the Disk Management which is in My Computer --- Manage.. and see ur USB had got the relevent drive letter.

Take care

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Nope, not recognized

by jmarchetto In reply to Does it recognize??

It does not show up in disk management. I do get the typical "gong" sound when I plug it in (same sound for all USB devices), then the amber light (on the thumb drive) comes on and that is it. The amber light does flash at all (leading me to believe my computer is not trying to read from it).

Any other suggestions?

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problem may be this

by sreevatsamk In reply to Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB ...

problem may be the USB which u have in the system is not USB 2.0 and it must be lesser than that .Check the USB product page is it supporting USB 2.0 lower ...

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My system is USB 2.0

by jmarchetto In reply to problem may be this

I am sure it is USB 2.0, my other thumb drives connect with that (which is much faster than the old Vaio laopto I have that is not 2.0 USB (and XP gives me a warning on there everytime I plug in a 2.0 device.. no warning on my PC.)

If I had to take a wild guess, I think I need to edit the registry, so the computer treats the drive as totally new and gives me a second chance to install it correctly. I am not sure if this it the answer (or who to go about doing this) [obviously, else I wouldn't be posting this issue! :)]

Any other suggestions?

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May need to

by toms45 In reply to My system is USB 2.0
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recognizing sandisc usb drive

by bruche007 In reply to Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB ...

I had the sam misery and ultimately discovered the auto run software for the cd drive was the culprit. go to the task manager and stop the a .exe program that auto runs the CD. The stick shows up as two drives, the u3 launch pad and the documents folder.

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I am having the same problem !!!!

by hwork50 In reply to recognizing sandisc usb d ...

Could somebody tell me what I need to do to get my Sandisk to work. I have read all sorts of stuff and am afraid I have lost everything on my thumb drive.


email me: hwork50@hotmail.com

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Help needed

by shaikh.zoheb In reply to I am having the same prob ...

I got this new Sandisk 4GB Micro Drive and after 2 months none of my computers are able to recognize it. First it used to give me an error that ?USB Device not recognized? but after I read it about it on a forum I opened Device Manager and uninstalled the drive and ever since even that one error does not show up. The drive is just sitting on the USB port with its orange bulb turned on !!!!!!!!!

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Re: Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB 1 gig not recognized

by senaa In reply to Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB ...

Sandisk says that Nero 7's InCD portion of its software suite will cause the Cruzer to not be recognized and will cause it to freeze the operating system on Win XP SP2. The only solution they offer is to uninstall the InCD portion of the Nero 7 software suite. No fix yet.

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