Sandisk SD card I/O error

By joq ·
Can anyone help? A friend of mine recently bought a 1GB Sandisk SD card for his digital camera. When he put the card (with photos on it) into a card reader to view on his PC, a few photos appeared on screen briefly then dissapeared. Now when the SD card is put in the card reader (or a different reader built in to a laptop) the pc is unable to view any photos on it.

An "I/O error" message is displayed

The camera can't access it either. We tried using "O&O disk recovery" program to rescue the photos, but this program didn't even recognise the SD card at all.

Would be very grateful if anyone has some advice on either how to rescue the photos, fix the card or what might have caused the problem in the first place?


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By the sounds of things the Card Reader in the Computer is faulty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sandisk SD card I/O error

And has fried the Memory Card.

As you are unable to read it in anything I would guess that the Memory Card has been destroyed by the initial Card Reader.

If you have enough money to throw around you can try reading different Cards in this Reader but you run the risk of destroying them as well.

If this is the case the Pictures on the Card will be long gone to Silicon Heaven and be impossible to recover.


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Recovery program

by philobeto1 In reply to Sandisk SD card I/O error

I used a free once called photorec

works great!!


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Photorec Help

by micllin In reply to Recovery program

Hello Philo,

I get the same error...etc. I can see all my pictures except 1 - which is the one that pops up as I/O Error and when i click a lot of buttons on my camera it flashes red and turns off.

However, when I open up Photorec, it doesn't seem to recognize my sandisk (canon camera flashdrive). I think I know this because when on the first page of the photorec thing it only gives me one option for selecting a disk and that's for one that is 20GB/6GiB (or somethign like that - I totally made up the numbers but you get the idea); however, my flashdrive is 235MB exactly. I tried scanning anyway and it took like 2 hours.

The wikipedia site says i have to get the contents of the flashdrive onto a hard disk and i don't know how to do that. Does that even make any sense? like I have to do something with dd or something? Maybe I just haven't completely installed Photorec?

Thanks so much for any help you may be able to offer!


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Instead of using a Card Reader

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Photorec Help

Have you tried leaving the memory card in the Camera and connecting that Via the USB Lead to the computer?

I've seen many cases where a Card Reader is incapable of reading a Memory Card reading the Card properly when it's in the camera.


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Camera vrs card reader

by philobeto1 In reply to Instead of using a Card R ...

My friends say they have tried that before they gave me their mem cards. So I don't really know
As far as my own SD cards, I have never had a problem. I stay with Sandisk brand and see problems with PNY and other brands.

Thanks for your input and I am sure it will help someone with the same problems.


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PhotoRec Program

by philobeto1 In reply to Photorec Help

Hi Vivian,

I have had several friends with SD cards that failed to load on computers now. They get message to reformat the drive. I used that PhotoRec.exe program and it is free and worked but it took 3 to 4 hours on a 1 gig card. Their video's was not recognized as it only does the JPG's. I would like to find a program that does both formats.
Good luck to you in the future.

If you need this rpogram feel free to contact me
Subject line out "For Phil"

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Use PhotoRec

by philobeto1 In reply to Sandisk SD card I/O error

Do google search for PhotoRec.exe
This program has helped me and it is free.
1st try to use the camera's cable to computer to download. If that fails then use the program which is a free one. It will take several hours and may pull up some old deleted photo's. You can then put on a cd and share with other computers that way.

Hope this helps....

If you can't find program just eamil me and I will send to you.

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I fixed mine !!!! But this won't save pictures.

by sborger In reply to Sandisk SD card I/O error

I have a 4gb SD card for my camera. Placed in a printer reader. May or may have pulled out without safely removeing. No longer read by camera. The same I/O error. Would take a long time to open on the PC. In the "My Computer window, "did right click for properties on the correct drive. A very long time to open. In the dropdown window was the option to format. At first it refused. Then tried it in the camera and do the reformat in camera,(Camera has a format option). Made it worse. Then tried useing camera to read it and format off PC. Sudden panick, thought I was cleaning out the camera of programs, no harm though. Hit cancel.
Now when I started this, I chose also to compress as well as format. This time I put it in my card reader and put on USB. Started format again only compress was not available anymore. So I went with the quick format. A good 5 minutes of nothing went by. Started clicking on stuff and nothing would happen. Suddenly, Format was finished. And it now works fine. I realize that a bad card takes a longer time to open and be read, etc. I had to come back and share this if anyone is still trying to fix a card.
PS: My card cost $72, so I did not want to lose it. But I was lucky I had only one or two pictures on it. But I determined to find a way to save it.

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Help! I have a similar problem

by emilygagen In reply to I fixed mine !!!! But thi ...

I have an SD card that I use in my phone. I tried putting into my new computer, and I get an I/O error. I tried it in another computer and it froze the computer, but once it was restarted, it worked. It read the photos. And it works on my phone too. But it still won't work on this computer. If it format the card, will it erase the pictures?

I think that the above post is similar to what I should be doing, but does anyone have more advice? Thanks!

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What is stopping you making a copy of the photos?

by OH Smeg In reply to Help! I have a similar pr ...

Then Formating the Card and if necessary copping the photos back to the Card.

This is what any normal person would do in a situation like this where they have a failing piece of hardware.


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