SAN's solution or not

By ivanwarwick ·
I have a budget of ?40,000 ($80,000) and am looking for a good data storage solution. At the moment I am using a server with 300GB storage running with raid 5 and a legato backup solution. I am starting to reach capacity on the existing solution so am considering my options. What do I move to ? is there anyone that has experience of SAN?s - what do you recommend..


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There are quite a few things to think about here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SAN's solution or not

Like are there any Privacy Laws in place to protect personal data?

Does the stored Data actually contain members of the general Publics information?

To answer your question you really need to state what Data is being backed up and what Laws apply where you are. Then people can go about telling you what they have found best for this that comply with your requirements.


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by ivanwarwick In reply to There are quite a few thi ...

Do you think for one minute we would be storing data subject to scrutiny or against any of our data protection laws. The question was simple lets not try to make a project out of it.

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Yes I do it depends on what the company does

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SAN or NAS

As to what the data that you store is. So without knowing more about what it is you are doing or the Laws that apply where you are I repeat it's hard to say! Remember even Staff Lists fall into that catagory and there are many companies who store data that has Laws protecting the way that the data should be stored ranging from Doctors Surgeries up wards to Government Agencies in the welfare sector or even that department that issues Drivers Licenses.

Just about everything in between has some data that has to be kept secure in their Backup's.


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App data or user data?

by frank.van-der-lecq In reply to SAN's solution or not

A more important question IMO: is it an application or file server? Call me old fashioned, but if you have a high I/O application, go for a FC SAN. Low I/O, do iSCSI SAN (cheaper, but if you insist on highest performance, make sure you have your supplier commit to a Proof of Concept). If it's files you're hosting, do NAS or again iSCSI SAN.

EMC has a nice combo offering available that doesn't cost too much (NS350 I believe), and it never hurts to check out NEC storage (top quality at fair prices). For iSCSI I like Equallogic, which I find very easy to setup and manage. Plus you can probably keep some of your budget in your pocket. For NAS NetApp still has the broadest offering and very a mature mgmt interface. Hope this helps.

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by ivanwarwick In reply to App data or user data?

Thank you Frank that was very helpfull. You have given me usefull points to consier.

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