Sanyo Pro-700, getting 909 error

By jdclyde ·
Hi everyone.

I have 60 Sanyo Pro-700's, and need them to connect to both the iDEN and CDMA networks. They do, kind of.

The problem comes in when I go to the Sprint site to unlock the "Root developer".

After you enter your HEX id, they text you an unlock code. All phones say "active".

The problem is, this seems to be a false positive. Run their Root Dev test app and I get the following error.
Data Error 909
Application Authentication Error

I have talked to Sprint (what passes for) support, and they are pathetic. Level Two support had never heard of this site (a sprint site) or the error. They were also unable/unwilling to connect to anyone in Sprint that DOES have anything to do with the Developer site.

What this is suppose to do is unlock the root developer and put the phones into development mode, allowing third party apps to access the GPS data.

If I ignore the error code and still install the third party application, it is hit and miss on if the phone will connect or not to the remote server. Out of 25 phones, 4 are connecting.

All phones have full data plans, TTT, and texting enabled with no restrictions.

Has anyone ever dealt with this?

Sprint "support" suggested the manufacture could help me manually unlock the phones, the manufacture said no, it would have to be done through Sprint.

Thanks, getting more than just a little frustrated here.


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Shameless bump

by jdclyde In reply to Sanyo Pro-700, getting 90 ...

Just trying to get this back on the list!

I am learning to hate Sprint.... X-(

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Another Bump

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sanyo Pro-700, getting 90 ...

No Idea JD not something that I play with.


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I am so not pleased

by jdclyde In reply to Another Bump

And so far, everyone involved in the clusterphuck is just pointing fingers at each other and I am stuck in the middle holding the bag.

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OH don't I know that feeling

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I am so not pleased

I have a Windows 7 system that last time I tried I couldn't import the E-Mails, Address Book or Message Rules into Outlook from OE. Seems that there is something to do with the New Security of 7 which prevents you doing this now.

But the one that I loved was a Error Message in DOS years ago saying that Device 6 was missing. Silly me wanted to find out what this Device 6 was so I rang M$ and asked. After spending several hours on the phone I was finally told by the Top Level of Support that I had not fitted a CPU, which didn't make any sense either. But I had to fight like hell to get to that level the rest where just calling me an Idiot as there was no error message like that.

Or recently one of the ISP's here have moved to a Call Center in the Philippines and to them it is a matter or Pride that they don't pass on any problems further up the chain. They solve every problem that they get according to them and they are flat out reading the screen. I just wanted to know if their Mail Servers where Off Line and I was told to delete all the e-mails as he had 200 MEG there and that was way too much.

Then I looked on my main system and found that I have just under 10 GIG stored so I started thinking that maybe it's time to Archive things again. Haven't got around to that quite yet but then again it was just under a year ago so you can not rush these things. :^0


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Another Bump EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I am so not pleased

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