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SAP Information

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Sap information

by Dr Dij In reply to SAP

Is this a question?

If so I have the answer:
sap (Esss-AAAAA-Peee)
said this way is funny like Iiii-Beee-Emmm

SAP is a sophisticated bio-molecular compound that flows in thermo-nuclear fusion powered solar collection devices (TREEs)

SAP flows continuously over the equivalent of an enterprise bus, S-O-A (or SAP-On-Architecture).

This SOA enterprise bus reaches from the roots (ROOT directory, which is usually accessed via a TAP root, that reaches DEEP in the ground, the tree must be adequately grounded to avoid electrical storm problems)

The SAP starts flowing in the SPRING from the roots directory up to the solar collectors (LEAVES). The SAP is sometimes TAPped for inter-enterprise extraction, collected in bit buckets and refined into MAPLE SYRUP and MAPLE CANDY, at which point it is used to power auxiliary bio-molecular devices (element Hu, or Humanium).

Some of these Hu atomic devices are sometimes called SAPs. Particularly when they can't even ask a question. Remember - there are no dumb questions, just dumb end users! :)

See how much you can learn when you don't even ask a question?

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by .Martin. In reply to Sap information

Got way too much time...

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That's right!

by Dr Dij In reply to ...

It is possible I am 'between jobs' now.

I may want to be come a SAP myself! :)

Happily, I know how to form complete sentences, read books and take courses.

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