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SAP causes company to go bankrupt

By Dr Dij ·
Ok, blame bad project managers? Greedy consultants? Stupidity? Incompetent outsourcers?

Doesn't sound like they were using the quick setup option.

I've seen same thing happen in news to state govts. Of course they "CAN'T" go bankrupt, instead they just overspend and collect it from taxpayers. Then sue and get just a portion back for good looks.

This company planned to spend $8 to 10 million. Instead ended up costing $36 million and taking years longer:**25927&intsrc=hm_list

Fractured SAP Haiku (Ok, I didn't count syllables):

SAP Project
Years to implement, over budget, failure
Blame bad consultants

SAP spent millions
custom mods not working
the axe will fall

SAP consulting
you can earn the big dollars
as it drives many crazy

SAP Training
I memorize endless transaction codes
what is point of GUI?

SAP Tech Conference
Entwanabe's Reginims added to schedule
ALL think is new buzzword

SAP salaries
grow high like giant bamboo
many ants will topple it

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