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SAP or CCIE as a career

By adnan_ahmad06 ·
I m an IT Professional with 3 years of experience and now i want some certifications like going to Cisco side or to SAP side but i m not sure which side to go i have the following options for which i m interested.



so please help me in selecting which side is better based on the job availability, market value and salary position.

I will be fresher to SAP as well as Networks Engineering so for a fresher which side will suite more and has more chances of getting early job.

if i select SAP so one more problem is there that is i m fresh to SAP and how easy is it to get a job as a fresher in MM or or other module as a lot of people told me that for MM or any other module like BI or ABAP a lot of experience is required and for a fresher it is very difficult to get a job so please tell me that what should i do. i should go for certification or not and if i did certification so is there any chance to get a job and my background is programming or IT and that is my domain knowledge.

Please tel me sir because i m confused and i have to ask you & some other professionals like you that is the only source with me.

I can go to any one and can study and excel in any one.
Please tell me as i have to select a career path and i needs your help in this.

Thanks & Best Regards:

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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to SAP or CCIE as a career

First of all, LOTS more companies have Cisco networks than companies who run SAP.

Generally you will find Cisco gear in businesses of all sizes, yet it is unlikely that any small or medium-sized businesses run SAP.

So I would think in terms of an entry-level person, there is a lot more need for network/voip vs someone with SAP expertise.

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SAP or CCIE as a career

by adnan_ahmad06 In reply to Couple of thoughts

Yes this makes me more energetic like having more market value and also later on i can join SAP as well with some domain experience.

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This should not be hard

by JamesRL In reply to SAP or CCIE as a career

Which do you like more, software or hardware/networking?

SAP is a complex piece of software. The work in implementing it is in the integration into other software and into your business processes.

If you tend to gravitate towards business processes, SAP would be the choice.

On the other hand, if network architectures and routing protocols are what you enjoy, than the Cisco route is for you.

Pick whichever you enjoy the most, because enjoying what you do is a key to success at it.

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SAP or CCIE as a career

by adnan_ahmad06 In reply to This should not be hard

well i will love to go to business process + also enjoy networks architects working with a telecom org. so i m thinking for Cisco first getting certifications and some experience and then after 4 -5 years experience can join SAP as Technical Consultant like on Basis + BI + ABAP.

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SAP or CCIE as a career

by ccietraininglab In reply to SAP or CCIE as a career

I was at the same place a few months ago but let me tell you something, I was lucky to have chosen CCIE over SAP. There are certainly more opportunities for CCIE certified network engineers--if you look in the right places. A note of caution though, you must really want this. It takes a high level of concentration and determination to pass this exam.

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