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@sarai1313: When you disparage every tool in the box...

By sarai1313 ·
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by sarai1313 In reply to @sarai1313: When you disp ...

i was master mech for the u.s.n. repairing and building planes in the 70's with fly by wire .i work as a mech on and off the line for g.m.c. truck and bus in the 80's and then computers in ernest in the 90's dont know the wright tool realy, the only thing i dont know the right tools is how to spell.i am dslexic that all so the right tool give me a break!

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because i was talking about ipad =windows pad

by sarai1313 In reply to realy

and the guy asked to take to the water cooler. told me that I used,windows apple,and linux that i did no how to use the O.S's corectly .then went on to tell me fo his long years of i wrote backing trying to tell him that i use the best tool for the job and dont care who's name is on . peace oh and fix yor wayer cooler dont see the moderator who call me out here.

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One thing to remember is when the moderators say something

by Deadly Ernest In reply to because i was talking ab ...

in a thread, they're stating their own personal opinion, not that of TR - their job is to delete spam and keep things cool. So please don't assume anything from a moderator is from the TR management.

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What happened to, "sorry i won't be back"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to because i was talking ab ...

Remember this classic, from further down in this same discussion, that you posted yesterday?

And yet here you are; so much for your grand exit. It looks like it was just the latest in a long line of 'I'm leaving' rants made over the years by a variety of malcontents seeking attention. Only two have ever resulted in pleas to remain, and you ain't Jaqui or Max.

Now we have to cancel the 'Going Away' party. That's going to disappoint the Stones; we had them booked and they really need the gig.

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Speaking of Jaqui

by Michael Jay In reply to What happened to, "sorry ...

Anyone know anything, his web presence is gone taking his email with it.

Last time he checked in he mentioned some health issues which could be rather serious, I miss that crazy guy.

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haven't heard anything

by PurpleSkys In reply to Speaking of Jaqui

from Jaqui in quite some time either hoping everything is ok.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to because i was talking ab ...

keep in mind, everyone including yourself, has an opinion. Doesn't mean that either one are necessarily right or wrong, they're just an opinion.

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why are these replies

by PurpleSkys In reply to @sarai1313: When you disp ...

consistantly showing up in the watercooler?

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more improtant, what are they replies too. -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to why are these replies
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The title of this Water Cooler

by Michael Jay In reply to more improtant, what are ...

discussion is a link that will also take you back to where it came from.

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