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please read all the data be for talking to me

by sarai1313 In reply to sarai1313,

please. i have for more than a year .sorry about the fan boy crap.i have been telling every one about windows 8 and the oem for almost a year but all i got was crap i lke i lost my brain some where. so once again sorry

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Dude, it's an operating system.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to please read all the data ...

There's no reason to take it personally when others criticize a product, especially when it's not your product. It's an operating system, not a religion. You're not obligated to fight Microsoft's marketing battles for them, not for free, and certainly not to the point of personal grief.

I tried the first two beta releases of W8. I decided it would probably be very good on tablets and mobile devices, and have said so repeatedly. However, we don't use those devices where i work. We're strictly a desktop / laptop operation, and I don't think W8 works well on those devices. The transitions between Metro and the 'Classic' interface are too jarring, and the alternations to the 'Classic' interface will require my users to relearn what they know from previous versions of Windows. I see no reason to test the final beta release; I've already seen enough.

I freely acknowledge that W8 may work well in other shops and on other platforms. Can you accept that there are many cases where it won't work?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to sarai1313,

watch what you're clicking. You've got multiple discussions going from the same thread.

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Yes, please cut it out, its annoying

by Slayer_ In reply to Please

We have actual water cooler discussions we want to read.

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