SAS vs JAVA career ...which shd i choose???

By ann3004 ·
I have got an opportunity to explore a career in SAS as well as Java
Pls let me know according to you which has more scope in the long run? , which has monetary benefits? and if any of them offrs me both !!!
Help me out . . .
Thx in advance

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Whichever one you like better.

by Absolutely In reply to SAS vs JAVA career ...whi ...

Other than the executives of SAS & Java, who
wouldn't be permitted to say, I don't think
anybody really knows if either company will
be larger, smaller or bankrupt 3 years from
now. If the jobs both pay the same, I'd take
the one that would be more enjoyable. If
they're both equal on that account too, I'd
take the one where I think I'll make a more
noticeable contribution to the company, in
order to get better professional references
for the next job.

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General or Specific

by larrymcp In reply to SAS vs JAVA career ...whi ...

Java is much more general, with a wide open community. Java is based upon C/C++, so people who knew those went on to Java with the least amount of effort. Any future language of real, global acceptance will will be an extension of C++/Java.

SAS is an extremely narrow and closed community, with much less opportunity. It will be more difficult to obtain SAS work, than Java work.

The future is ripe for Java and questionable for SAS.

Together, they would be fine. But, if you had to choose one, lean toward Java.

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by In reply to SAS vs JAVA career ...whi ...

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