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Sasser Author Arrested

By Joseph Moore ·
An 18-year-old guy in Germany was arrested as being the author of all versions of the Sasser worm. Here's a story on it:

(Sorry, but TinyURL is having problems with their PHP script right now, so I can't make an easier link)

The reports also say that this guy just might be responsible for the Netsky e-mail viruses. They are saying that either this guy is the "SkyNet" group making all the NetSky virus versions, or he is a member of SkyNet. Either way, that's really interesting, I think.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Sasser Author Arrested

THanks for the link, I saw another similar page today too but this one offered more detail.

I think it's great that these malicious people are finally being brought to justice. Perhaps knowing that these people DO get caught and ARE prosecuted will slow down the newbies with big ideas as they won't be able to get any notoriety if their freinds turn them in for the rewards.

Finally some Microsoft wealth going to a good cause, perhaps they should have spent it to write better code to begin with.

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