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SAT and IDE?

By jkaras ·
I have been tooling with the idea of either upgrading my current rig with another larger hdd or building another computer. AS I look at all the hdds, I am contemplating buying a SATA drive for the new one, and IDE for the old one pending on which direction I go. The problem I am asking about is whether you can have both IDE and SATA drives in the same computer. Do you have to have the SATA only as raid and IDE and Primary? Could the IDE be set to slave for storage? I am just trying to strech my dollar not getting stuck with a large drive that I will have to keep in an old computer before I possibly jump to the 64 bit with SATA and possibly pc express video cards. I know I dont technically need the greatest but I want to invest for long term upgrade or just bite the bullitt and build super computer. :)

Any bad info on SATA? IS it really that much better? What I have seen makes pc building and design a dream.

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by dustyD In reply to SAT and IDE?

You can have both, if your motherboard supports it or you add a SATA controller adapter, ie a PCI card. You won't be able to configure raid with one IDE and one SATA. You can use the IDE for storage, but not as a slave since it will be on a separate controller unless you are talking about the second IDE in an old machine.
Also ensure your power supply sports a power connector for the SATA.
Why not spring for a SATA II/300?

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by jkaras In reply to

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Thanks. The point I was looking for was a proper setup. Right now my current pc can do everything I need it for. Spyware is on my hdd and I have way too much on there, mp3s that is that would cost just as much to burn than buy a new hdd for extra storage and what have you or dvd burner and disks. Granted it wouldnt be that expensive to burn, but a hefty investment of time and disks. I do want to upgrade or build an additional pc for training purposes. New pc for use, current demoted to trainer. I looked into building a clone of my current rig and it wouldnt cost that much more for the uber computer so I got to think about how not to get stuck with any quick outdated equipment like my zip drive. That was significant as much as most in fads. My current mobo doesnt support sata so that would require the birth of the uber computer and if I build it I would rather have SATA than IDE and still would like the use of my current drives. So I have to decide to invest in slight upgrade of current computer vs. a new one. I definitely appreciate your input.

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by CG IT In reply to SAT and IDE?

you can have your SATA array as the boot drives BIOS setting boot SCSI boot other or some BIOS actually assign a drive letter to the array like BBS array. The IDE drives can then be used for stricly for storage or space.

If you want to invest for the long term, I would wait before upgrading your hardware. Though there are 64 bit processors and 64 bit mainboards, Windows XP 64 bit O/S still isnt out to the general public and when it does come out, chances are it will have problems just as XP did when it first came out [we won't mention the ME debacle].

PCI express is also new technology and is geared more for the gamer and graphic artists than just plain ole desktop applications. Graphic card manufacturers do make PCI Express cards but like everything else, takes a while to iron out buts.

Is SATA better? Its faster than IDE in throughput. What does this mean to the average comp user? well, not much in the terms of performance that adding additional memory to the system would cure. [ducking paperwads thrown at me]. The computer uses memory to store information and what can't fit into memory the processor has to dip into the hard drive [virtual memory]. the more physical memory the more can be stored the faster that can be presented to the user. The faster the data transfer from HDD to processor to user the faster that presentation is. So yes, SATA is better in the sense that if the processor has to dip into the HDD to get data SATA can provide it faster than can IDE.

What else matters in comps that handle games is the graphics card memory. Like system memory, the larger amount of graphics card memory you have the better the performance because the less reliance on system memory and processor time is required. the brunt of processing is done by the graphics card processor and memory.

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by jkaras In reply to

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thanks for the advice. I do like to game thats why the upgrade. I havent seen any real impressive talk over pci express vs agp. The market will shift to pci express if it takes off, which I imagine to their claims. I just needed to know whether or not I needed a raid board to have both and if so how exactly to dedicate the drives. i do know that its more hype than practical but if the prices are right why not? I have seen lots of OEM deals that are rather tempting. Thanks to you both, you guys rock.

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by jkaras In reply to SAT and IDE?

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