SATA and Vista

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I'm having problems trying to install Vista Home Premium on a SATA drive on a GA-945P-S3 board. I'm having the "crcdisk.sys" issue that I've been reading a lot about, but any of the possible solutions I find don't work for me. I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious (which I've been known to do), and hoping that someone here could help me out.

MB: GA-945P-S3 rev. 1.0
CPU: Pentium D 3.4 GHz
HD Maxtor 160GB SATA
Video: MSI RX300HM-TDI28E
Chipset: Northbridge Intel 945P Express, Southbridge ICH7
LAN: onboard RTL8111B
Audio: onboard Realtek ALC883

Everything runs perfectly fine if I use a normal IDE drive...it's the SATA one I can't get to work. If I do a clean install from XP, it will see the drive and copy all of the files. Upon reboot I get the 7B stop error when Windows is trying to start. Trying in safe mode the error comes up when loading crcdisk.sys

Next I tried loading directly from the DVD. I finally got a hold of the driver for the SATA controller so that setup could see the drive. Upon restart after copying the files, the stop error doesn't even show up, it just reboots itself, again at crcdisk.sys.

I've updated the BIOS. There is no RAID on this board, which I've heard causes problems. I've tried all of the different settings for the SATA/IDE in the BIOS. I've also heard that having USB keyboard/mouse support enabled could cause it, but disabling those made no difference. The update advisor was only concerned about the audio.

I've tried all the possible solutions I could find, and it runs beautifully on the IDE drive, so I really don't know what else to try to fix it for the SATA, if that's even possible. The board is supposed to be "Vista Ready".

If anyone here has any ideas I would be very greatful. Thanx!

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Vista Ready doesn't mean much

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA and Vista

You might like to look at this posting in a different thread about M$ Vista Ready Campaign and the Law Suit that it has generated.


Legially M$ couldn't be held to blame here as you can Boot off an IDE Drive so technically within the meaning of the LAW this M'Board is Vista Ready it just doesn't want to run the SATA Drive as the Boot drive.


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