SATA as primary OS drive on A7N8X-E

By lobotomy ·
I just inherited an a7n8x-e from a friend. I had to do a clean install (xp pro), and decided to go with 2 seagate SATA drives, one for data one for my OS. (160gb/80gb).

The install worked fine (I had to do the 'press F6' thing during windows text install and have the SATA controllers from my driver CD on a floppy), but the installation went through ok and the computer was booting fine.

I've been able to install all my programs and windows updates etc, and the PC restarts very quickly during all these processes.

However... if the power has been off for a while, the next time I go to boot, no drives are recognised, and after all the DMI pool stuff it tells me I have a system error. I've tried getting into the BIOS to see if I can stop the machine from doing a drive auto-detect (currently it's looking to boot from CD first), but once in there I noticed it could'nt see my SATA drives at all, and to be honest I don't know too much about BIOS settings.

If I hit the reboot button then XP eventually crunches into action (it recognises the disks second time round) and loads very slowly, but it's like the power supply to the disk is halting, or it's spinning sporadically (load...pause...load...pause etc) and sometimes chckdisk runs. This is starting to alarm me because this is the second Seagate 80gb disk I'm trying to do this on (I tried this about 2 weeks ago with another disk which I have since had to replace due to complete failure). Am I doing anything wrong? How can I get BIOS to recognise my disks? What should my settings be? I should be able to boot the OS from a SATA disk, is that correct? If someone could walk me through a basic checkpoint process I'd be very grateful!

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by 3xp3rt In reply to SATA as primary OS drive ...

The BIOS don?t recognize the SATA drives, because the SATA controller has self BIOS, where it manages the disks. So you must set the BIOS to don?t boot from any disks. Go to boot order in BIOS (or Boot option) and if are not SATA drives here (Depending from BIOS to BIOS) you don?t set anything, because the SATA controller can boot without the BIOS.

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Also if you are destroying HDD's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA as primary OS drive ...

Change the Power Supply to one of the decent Brand Name ones with something like a 330 W Antec True Power, EverMax or one of those Name Brand PS's and that should prevent any HDD's being destroyed due to a defective Power Supply.

It should also cure your current problem as it sounds as if the PS is on it's way out and killing things before it dies completely.


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