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What is the main differeces between SATA and ATA to IDE,beside speed wise.I noticed a lot of PC are moving towards SATA tech.pls advise.

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by TheChas In reply to SATA ,ATA and IDE

IDE has been the hard drive interface of choice since the Intel 368 CPU. It beat out MFM and RLL interfaces.

ATA is the latest expansion of the IDE specification to cover data transfer rates of 66MBS and above.

Due to design constraints, ATA133 is about as fast as you can get on a parallel data cable. Thus, a new interface, SATA.

The "S" in SATA stands for serial. Similar to USB and Firewire, SATA is a serial rather than a parallel interface.

Because of a simpler cable design and faster data transfer speeds, most new systems will use SATA drives. Within a few years, it will become difficult to find a motherboard with a standard 40 pin IDE interface.


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by lcw In reply to SATA ,ATA and IDE

I heard about SATA II technology.
Is it compatible with SATA I interms of hardware interface?

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