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By Daz'n'Ash ·
I have just installed a 120gb SATA drive and installed Win XP Pro on it without a problem. However, the problem is I had to buy a SATA PCI host adapter to use it. The power supply has a SATA power adapter with it so that is not a problem. When I try to use my normal ATA Seagate 80gb HDD with it, I can't boot into windows, I get the message invalid system disk. Seems to me it is trying to boot to the ATA drive not the SATA drive. How can I get around this problem?

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by stress junkie In reply to SATA config

The motherboard BIOS boot sequence is being used to select the 80GB drive as the boot device. Check and adjust the CMOS settings as follows:

Bring up the CMOS setup menu. This is usually done when the motherboard is powered on and is checking the RAM. Usually you press the delete key.

Look for the boot seqence. This is often found under the menu for advanced options.

Look at the boot sequence. It is probably set to use the first hard disk that it detects.

Since the 80GB disk is on a drive controller that is built into the motherboard, then devices on that controller will show up before devices on add-on controllers. Therefore when the 120GB SATA drive was alone it was the first hard drive detected. When you put a hard drive on the drive controller on the motherboard then that became the first hard drive and the SATA drive became the second hard drive. If you put an additional disk on a controller on the motherboard then the SATA drive will become the third hard disk that the motherboard sees.

My computer with an MSI motherboard has two hard disks on the controllers on the motherboard. If I set up my MSI motherboard computer as you did, with an add-on SATA drive controller, and if I wanted to boot from that drive, I would probably have to disable booting from the hard drives and enable the BIOS to look for additional boot devices. You may be able to select booting from the second hard disk since you only have one hard disk attached to the disk controller(s) on the motherboard.

Please be sure to rate this answer, for better or for worse. Thank you.

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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to

I have already tried all that. The problem remained. Thanks for trying anyway.

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by TheChas In reply to SATA config

For "most" motherboards, in order to boot off of your hard drive on a PCI controller card you need to set the boot options so that SCSI is the first device listed. Or at least that SCSI is listed before HDD 0.

(Second if you want the option to boot from CD or Floppy)

By default, ALL plug-in hard drive controllers are classified as SCSI devices by the BIOS for booting purposes.

When you had no hard drives plugged into the on board IDE controller, the BIOS may have defaulted to any available hard drive.


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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to

Thanks Chas. That is one option I didn't try. It works.

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by Daz'n'Ash In reply to SATA config

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