sata disk recognizition

By jjtotten ·
I have a computer running an ide drive and want to install an additional hard disk. I chose a sata disk and plugged the power from the power supply to the disk and the data line from the mother board sata 1.

Upon boot up it goes through the process detecting the ide drive, then IDE bus master enabled, SiI 3112A SATAlink host controller bios version 4.1.36c, Primary channel: ST3750640AS and then the process stops.

In the bios I have the following set:
First boot device Hdd-0
Second boot device CDROM
Third boot device floppy

Integrated peripherals:
Onboard h/w serial ATA enabled
Serial ATA Function base
Onboard ATA/raid device enabled
Raid controller function ATA

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Boot Order

by TheChas In reply to sata disk recognizition

It would be nice to know what motherboard or system you have. That way, we could verify the correct BIOS settings.

It looks to me like you are premature in setting the SATA drive as the boot drive. You cannot boot from a drive until it has been formatted and has an operating system installed.

Other concerns include is the motherboard a SATA 1 (ATA150) or SATA 2 (ATA300)? You may need to configure the drive to match for it to function properly.

Depending on the age of the motherboard and the specific SATA controller, you did have to enter the RAID BIOS and set up even just a single drive as a RAID array before you could use the drive.

Of course, it could be as simple as a bad data or power cable.


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boot order

by jjtotten In reply to Boot Order

I believe that I have the IDE disk as the #1 in boot order, then the CDROM, then the floppy.

I the process it recognizes the IDE drive first and then when it gets to the SATA the process stops.

The Mother Board is a Gigabyte Pentium 4 Titan 667 Series GA-8INXP.

Both the power and data cables are new and never previously used.

I appreciate your efforts and I will make sure that I respond if any of the suggestions works for me.

Looking at the Mother board book it says that it has 2 Serial ATA connections in 150 Mb/s operation controlled by Silicon Image Sil312A. I will attempt to find out if the SATA disk is SATA 1 or SATA 2 now. Thanks for that info.

Regards John J. Totten

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SATA disk recognizition

by jjtotten In reply to Boot Order

Looking at the SATA drive it says that it is the SATA/300. Now I will have to find out how to configure it so that it will be compatible with the mother board which

My book talks about on board IDE with the following: 2 IDE controllers provides IDE HDD/CRRom (IDE1, IDE2 with Plo, bus master (Ultra DMA 33/ATA66/ATA100
IDE3 and IDE4 compatible with raid, ultra ATA 133/100 EIDE.

I am not sure exactly what all that means though, but it does look like the board and the drive are not compatible. That clue may send me down the right path. Thanks!!

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SATA drives

by BFilmFan In reply to sata disk recognizition

Did you check the drive for the jumper settings to choose which was master and which was slave?

I am assuming that you used the SATA cable and didn't just plug the drive into the IDE cable. There is a difference between SATA and IDE.

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Jumper settings

by jjtotten In reply to SATA drives

There are no installed jumpers on the disk. My understanding is that there is no master / slave with SATA drives. Maybe that is not correct.

The Power supply cables and the data cables are both SATA style and non molex nor the typical 80 ? pin of IDE.

Thanks for the thoughts.

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