SATA drive dissappeared on XP re-install

By Rzrseg ·
Hi all,

I have an ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe motherboard with a 20 Gig IDE Fireball HD and a 120Gig SATA WD HD. The 20 has the OS and the 120 has all my data. I had to wipe and reinstall XP on the 20 (it was behaving very badly) and now my 120 won't come up in Explorer. I can see it everywhere else, BIOS, Device Manager, Admin Tools Disk Storage, etc, but just can't get to it. In the Admin Tools, it comes up as "Main Drive" but without a drive letter and the Right Click option is not there to give it one. I've flashed my BIOS to the latest ASUS has and done the same with my SATA and RAID (it's not a RAID system but I figured it couldn't hurt) drivers. I popped the HD out and took it to a friends computer and it had the same issue (wasn't recognized in Explorer)...but I'm not sure if that means something is wrong with my HD or their system wasn't set up for two SATA drives.

It was working fine before the re-install. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've stymied all my local guru's with this one..


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David as you can see the drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA drive dissappeared o ...

I would suggest that you run a Test Utility from WD to see if it's working properly.

By the sounds of your question the drive has developed a problem and that is the issue that you are currently having as it should show up when you installed the SATA Drivers for the M'Board. This is the site for thew Windows Test utility


But if necessary you can also pick up some other Test Utilities if the Windows one is of no use to you.


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