SATA Drive Failure

By pilot2969 ·
After awaking this morning I discovered that my Windows system had provided me with the Blue Screen of Death. It stated there was a problem and that windows was shutdown to avoid data loss and that I should reboot my system. I followed the instructions, and upon reboot received a "Insert Boot Disk to Continue" message. I jumped into BIOS and ran a SMART check on the hard drive and everything came back normal. Next I inserted my boot disk and it came back with the usual, Repair, Format, Exit options. I chose repair and the program started but hung up and didn't budge. After several attempts trying to get the recovery software to work I decided to yank the bad drive and just run on the second hard drive. I did a clean install of Windows and everything worked fine on the new drive. I reentered BIOS and changed the booting order of the SATA Drives so that the good drive boots first. I then connected the bad drive back to the system and rebooted. The computer boots until it hits the windows loading screen and then it hangs...nothing, zip, nada. I am stuck and now don't know what to do. I really need some data off of this bad drive, I have everything backed up except my outlook e-mail and some minor buisness files. But there are also a couple of critical things I need that didn't make it to my next scheduled backup date. Any help would be appreciated.

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Change the connections at the SATA ports ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to SATA Drive Failure

I'm assuming that the Bad HDD is still connected to the Primary SATA port - if this is the case you should swap them over so that the Bad HDD is now on the 2nd SATA port.

If that doesn't solve your dilemma I would suggest you purchase an external enclosure and connect the Bad HDD via USB. That way you can connect it AFTER you have successfully booted from the Good HDD.

It'll then act as a slave HDD and not interfere with the running of the system. Retrieve your wanted files, then format the HDD and see if you can use it - it will probably even work when reconnected inside the computer case.

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No change via SATA port swap

by pilot2969 In reply to Change the connections at ...

Tried the SATA swap but to no avail the computer still won't boot with the bad HDD connected. The USB enclosure is my next step. I just want my data and don't want to spend $200 bucks on a recovery service to pull it for me.

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Try the USB Caddy then...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No change via SATA port s ...

BTW - where can you get a recovery service for $200 ??

I'd have expected to pay that just for the ESTIMATE !!

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by pilot2969 In reply to Try the USB Caddy then...


The 200 is the minimum price, and that's only if it's a software related crash, if it's mechanical it can cost as much as 1800. The estimate is free thankfully.

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