Sata drive not loading on IDE motherboard

By kforrest1 ·

I recently got a new SATA harddrive and I am trying to get it to work on an IDE motherboard. I got a converter to connect it up and get power to it and using 'disk management' got the drive formatted.Now however it only sometimes loads when I boot the computer, more often than not it won't appear in explorer or disk management.

The IDE drive with XP on it is set as secondary master, I am not sure what the SATA is set as but it has no jumpers on the pins. When I tried switching the IDE to primary master I got an error saying 'operating system missing', but it will boot with the IDE as secondary as long as I hit F1 each time I turn it on.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the SATA drive to boot properly or what could be wrong with the IDE being set as primary?


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Depends on the type of Adapter

by OH Smeg In reply to Sata drive not loading on ...

If it is a IDE to SATA Adapter the jumper will be on the adapter so you need to set the Master/Slave there or Cable Select if the M'Board supports that Option.

I personally do not like those Adapters and prefer a PCI Plug in Card with SATA takeoffs as they work much better.

As the Drive not working in Windows most of the time does it appear in BIOS at all?

If you have the Adapter that I think you have it should appear in Bios all the Time as Primary Master by what you have described here. Unfortunately these IDE to SATA Adapters are unreliable at best so I don't think that there is much improvement that you can hope for under Windows with this setup.


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by kforrest1 In reply to Depends on the type of Ad ...

Thanks Col,

the drive sometimes shows in the BIOS. Recon it could just be the adapter that is causing the problem then... will look into getting a PCI card to see if that fixes the problem.


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You're Welcome

by OH Smeg In reply to thanks

Lets know how things go.


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