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    SATA drive problems on XP


    by headshot ·

    I appear to be having problems with sectors on a Maxtor SATA slave drive connected to my XP Pro machine via a SATA caddy.

    If the drive is in and i boot the machine, CHKDSK starts to run, and seems to find many sector problems. Eventually Windows boots, but the drive is still inaccessible.

    If i boot without the drive in, Windows seems to start CHKDSK in the background, with the drive constantly being accessed – i guess checking it as it would on boot up.

    If i boot without the drive in, then start Acronis Disk Director, THEN load the drive (“hot swap”) Acronis can actually see the partitions in the drive, and reads the sectors, mentioning along the way it finds corrupted ones, then finishes scanning. Unfortunately, it still wont display the contents of whatever part of the drive is accessible, and all the while (what i assume is) CHKDSK is running in the bg.

    Does anyone have any hints? Is it possible to disable CHKDSK completely temporarily to see if i can access whatever is not trashed in the HDD?

    Thank you.

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