Sata Driver problem !!

By ajishch ·
Hi all,

i have one fujitsu amil pro 3405 laptop and was trying to install Win Xp pro..I need to install SATA controller driver and there is no FDD in the laptop.i was trying to load the driver with an external FDD and used the driver which i got from the supplier.It showing the driver and started the installation and i was able to create the partition too.But the problem started ,when the setup is checking for the partition C:, its again asking for the driver .eventhough the same floppy is in the external FDD.

What is the problem exactly??? can anybody suggest a valuable solition for this, as i am need this very urgently !!!!

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This is a recurring crap question, stupid manufacturers

by ComputerCookie In reply to Sata Driver problem !!

and software suppliers.

Not sure what to suggest, just give you a bump up the list!

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You need to make yourself a Slipstreamed Install Disc

by OH Smeg In reply to Sata Driver problem !!

With the SATA Driver on it. You can do this one of 2 ways get a copy here on how to make your own Slipstreamed XP Install Disc


Either of these will work and while not directly for adding SATA Drivers if you follow the directions for adding Hot Fixes it will work

Or you can use nLite to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc. Just remember to grab the Old copy V1.4.1not the Beta one as I don't know if the Beta works


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make new install cd

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Sata Driver problem !!

Google Nlite it is an app that will let create a new install CD of XP with the SATA driver added to it. Follow the Nlite instructions to add the SATA driver to the XP installation then install XP with the 'new' installation cd. This will require that you have another sys with a CD burner and internet access avail.

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Try another brand of external FDD

by ken In reply to Sata Driver problem !!

I played this game with an HP server (Intel MB) a few months ago. I bought another brand of external FDD and it fixed the problem.

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