SATA Drives

By bklos63 ·
What is a SATA drive? We are looking for a new backup server and Dell spec'd one out with SATA drives and of course a sales guy from another company says oh you don't want that those drives won't hold up long. Can anybody clarifiy for me?

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For servers I would avoid them

by bart777 In reply to SATA Drives

Stick with SCSI or SAS.

Sata drives are good for home use but I've had terrible luck with them in RAID arrays. They just don't seem to be quite there yet.

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works for me :)

by shady108 In reply to For servers I would avoid ...

i agree Sata drives are best for home, although we have several servers here running them in RAID5 work a treat :)

SATA HDD basically just have a different connection to IDE or SCSI, with a few different performance issues :)

depends what kind of server you want them on...if its an actiev directory server or something then dont use them, but an archive server or something they would be good for

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Individual drives work great.

by bart777 In reply to works for me :)

I've had 3 customers who lost a drive from thier array and ended up loing the entire thing. It may be more of a RAID controller issue that anything else but the common denomnator was that all 3 of them were SATA RAID.

I just love having to tell a customer that their server is dead and since they have no good backup within the past 6 months I can't really do anything for them. that's a horrible position to be in.

One was a RAID 5 and the other 2 were mirrors.

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by shady108 In reply to Individual drives work gr ...

maybe theres an opportunity there to sell them a decent backup solution :)

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Even better...

by bart777 In reply to :)

Got the improved backup solution AND a monthly service contract to help maintain the server. :)

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NOt a fan of Dell

by shady108 In reply to SATA Drives

am not a big fan of dell, for servers we stick to HP their service is the best ive ever seen from any company

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Service varies from town to town.

by bart777 In reply to NOt a fan of Dell

Don't want to use HP in Phoenix, Avoid IBM in Denver, Stay away from Dell in the DC area.

It just depends on the skill level of the pool they have to recruit from.

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sata for backup

by bklos63 In reply to SATA Drives

This is for a backup server. It will be running Windows Storage server with about 4 terabyte of space to do backup to disk and then pump out to tape after. This server won't be used for anything else but backups but if sata is not dependable I need to know.

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by shady108 In reply to sata for backup

ive never had trouble with sata but each to their own i guess! 4TB of SCSI space is going to kill you on cost!!! compared to 4TB of SATA space which is relatively cheap!

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