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I have a Proliant ML115 server running as a PC. I had to install my own OS as it did not ship with an OS. It came shipped with a DVD Rom. I wanted to add a SATA DVD/RW so I purchased one and I installed it in a free bay and used a spare power plug and plugged the data cable into the motherboard in what looked like a (black) sata data cable slot. I did not remove the old DVDROM as I thought there would be no harm in leaving it as it was not damaged. When I tested the old drive and as I popped out the disc I got a blue screen memory address warning (It disappears to quickly to get detailed information)and the PC restarts. Would this error be solved if I reinstalled the Operating system and allow the OS to pick both drives when it is installing or is this to drastic. Am I only alowed to have one DVD Drive on the mother board?????

I am not familiar with SATA, my old PC was PATA, so any help in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated.
The new drive works on its own but it would be a shame to not have both. Am I looking to have my bread buttered on both sides????

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure just how this Particular system works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sata DVD RW

But look in the BIOS at the SATA Controller and make sure that it is set to Native not something like RAID.

Ideally you should be able to have more than 1 Optical Drive connected particularly as one is on a IDE Lead and one on a SATA Lead so they are are on different Data Buss and shouldn't interfere with each other.

Here I'm assuming that the HDD/s in this system are SATA not IDE so you'll need to read the Manual from HP for your Particular Model

Also with some SATA M'Boards you need to use certain SATA Connectors or the M'Board thinks that the extra Drive attached is part of a RAID Array so you may be required to change the SATA Connection on the M'Board.

Personally I would replace the DVD Rom with a DVD RW IDE Drive as the SATA Optical Drives are not really any faster than an IDE Drive. The limiting factor here is still the time taken to read/write to the Optical Disc and there is no noticeable difference between IDE and SATA in my experience though I'm not a Games Player which might make a small difference.


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