SATA Hard disk causing black screen after XP startup splash

By rvs55 ·
Hi all,

I'm running a 2 x 500GB SATA RAID 0, (sys partition, and 3 other partitions in the RAID) along with separate 1.5TB drive (3 partitions, dynamic)

Briefly, the config is:
2 x 500 GB RAID 0.
- C: Windows XP, Sys partition
- 4 other NTFS partitions

1 x 1.5TB, no RAID, dynamic disk
- 3 NTFS partitions

System = Intel E8500 on an X38 board.
ATI HD3870 X2
Using onboard Intel RAID.
Intel Storage Mgr v7.6

The other day, after a botched installation of new graphics drivers, the RAID status showed "ERROR OCCURED(0)" on one of the RAID drives, and Windows BSODed with a corrupt registry hive.

So I recovered it via a guide using Restore Points. Then I went to the Intel Storage Manager to clear the error status (read somewhere that it was a glitch).

Fine, with everything seemingly back up, I decided to back up some stuff from the RAID drive to the non-RAID 1.5TB, thinking that maybe one of my RAID drives might fail anytime. It got hung up during the process.

After a restart, the non RAID 1.5TB drive suddenly couldn't be detected anymore! The drive simply disappeared.

And after one more reboot to Last Known Good Config, it cause the PC to go black after the XP splash screen. Only when I removed the drive did Windows manage to start.

I slaved the drive to a USB enclosure and could not get a Drive letter out of it. But I picked it up in Disk Mgmt however... as a dynamic disk that was invalid. Now I wished I had configured it as a Basic disk instead of Dynamic.

So a non-RAID drive that is relatively new, and was not part of the RAID problem somehow ended up being messed up. I'm wondering if the RAID controller or manager messed up disk's MBR or something.

There're 3 partitions worth of data in there. Is there anyway I can get stuff out?

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks.

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You'll have to give us more information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SATA Hard disk causing bl ...

What is the RAID Controller a Software or Hardware type? Being a Intel Storage Manager I'm assuming it's Hardware but assumptions are very dangerous things.

How exactly did you repair the RAID? This is very important.

What OS is involved here?

What Exactly is the error message when you try to access the External Drive?


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updated First post

by rvs55 In reply to You'll have to give us mo ...

Hi Smeg, thanks for the reply. I've updated the original post with more details. Let me know if you need more info.

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What does testdisk say?

by r_widell In reply to SATA Hard disk causing bl ...

Since the device in question isn't part of a RAID, the first thing I'd try is testdisk: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

It knows about almost any filesystem you'll come across and is able repair most corrupted filesystems so the data can be recovered. It works with any USB-attached drive that the BIOS or underlying OS can see.

It comes pre-configured on most recovery CDs (UBCD, UBCD4Win, Knoppix, etc.), so that's the way I'd go.

Try it first on a drive you don't care about so you can get familiar with it before having it do any FS reconstruction on data you care about.

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