sata hard disk

By kishorkumar8 ·
I installed first XP pro.then linux, after a few(8)days the hard disk totally unpartitioned. my hdd is 250 gb. now i want recovery.

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I'm assuming that you want to recover the Windows Partition Right?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sata hard disk

Firstly unless you did something wrong on the last day this shouldn't have happened so first thing is to use the Drive Makers Testing Utility to test the HDD. If it fails the test try it on another M'Board. If it still fails the test the HDD is shot and needs replacing however if it passes on the second M'Board the M'Board controller on the original M'Board is faulty and you need to replace that M'Board before proceeding.

Now only if the HDD is working properly you can try to rebuild the Windows Partition with something like On Track's Easy Recovery the specs are here

A cheaper and slightly less reliable approach is to try Spin-right available here

If you are not happy with the cost or ability of either of these software packages you could try one of these

Now for the words of caution. If you are attempting to use a product that rebuilds the Partition Information you can just rebuild the affected HDD and with the last listing Do Not Touch Win HEX unless you know HEX INSIDE OUT! The Davory product will do exactly what you require and without the damage that you can inflict by not knowing what it is you are doing.

The other type of Recovery Software involves recovering individual Data files and these need to be saved to a different HDD to prevent overwriting any data that already exists on the HDD so remember to Write the products f this type of software to a different HDD!


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