Sata Hard drive on IDE motherboard can't boot cold.

By dawn ·
I've just installed a Hitachi 1 terabyte Sata Hard drive on an IDE motherboard (replacing an old ide hard drive) using a sata adapter card with cable. I have 2gb of RAM.
I clean installed a new Windows XP and it seemed OK until I did a cold boot, all reboots had worked, but from cold it tries to reinstall XP until I press the reset button to reboot.

I tried changing the order on the bios boot list, even tried removing the cd drive from the list, but it still wants to boot from the CD on start.

Have I missed something. Hitachi's site says drivers are not required as XP includes them.

XP gives me occassional blue screen crashes also, which may or may not have something to do with it.

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Some Questions

by willcomp In reply to Sata Hard drive on IDE mo ...

Are there any other bootable hard disks installed?

XP CD in optical drive?

F6 drivers installed for SATA controller card?

When XP successfully installs, it should not keep starting setup on boot. That's usually caused by a failed install.

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SATA failed cold boot

by dawn In reply to Some Questions

No - there are no other bootable hard disks installed.
Yes - XP CD is in optical drive
No - F6 drivers installed for SATA controller card - the adapter hardware said none were required!?

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Remove CD

by willcomp In reply to SATA failed cold boot

Remove XP CD and see what happens.

Check boot sequence in BIOS. Ensure that "Boot other Device" or SCSI boot are enabled if available.

What is your motherboard?

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Can't boot cold

by tpac In reply to Sata Hard drive on IDE mo ...

My guess is that Motherboard is incapable of booting from the SATA card. Have you had opportunity to try a different SATA drive? When you are in the BIOS is booting from SATA an option? If it can't boot from the card then the BIOS will just go down the list until it finds something it can boot from. It will find the CD-Rom even if you remove it from the installed drives list. Let me know if this helps. If this is the case then it would appear that there are two options. First option is to re-install the IDE drive and use it to house your OS, then install the SATA drive strictly for storage. The second option would be to upgrade your motherboard to one with native SATA ports.

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No Sata option in BIOS

by dawn In reply to Can't boot cold

This sounds like the problem. There is no Sata option in the BIOS.
Re-installing the IDE drive sounds like the best option.
Thanks for your help.

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IDE Drivers Needed

by MENINBLK In reply to Sata Hard drive on IDE mo ...

Did you install the F6 IDE drivers for your MOTHERBOARD ?
The IDE -> SATA adapters may not need drivers,
but the IDE ports on your Motherboard still require XP drivers to be recognized properly
and to format the drive properly for boot up.

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