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SATA HD not recognized by XP

By JGranieri ·
Have a new PC - Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard with Western Digital SATA 74 GB Hard drive and onboard Promise Raid/Sata controller 378 Sata TX2 Plus. I have literally loaded 12 different drivers on floppys so that Win XP can recognize my HD when doing a fresh install. This has not worked. I download the drivers from the Motherboard CD and the promise website to no avail. I have also set the bios to onboard IDE Controller. I really need help with this.

Thanks to all for the help.

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by CG IT In reply to SATA HD not recognized by ...

how do you have your boot order? XP doesn't see your SATA drives as IDE drives rather it sees em as SCSI. Change your boot sequence to boot SCSI. When you do a clean install of XP it will ask if you have mass storage drivers to install press F6 press F6 and install the Promise SATA 376 controller drivers for XP and the Promise SATA drivers for XP from the floppy disk that came with your mainboard package.

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by JGranieri In reply to

I dont have scsi in the boot order... the bios is set to use the onboard controller as SATA and act as IDE controller not RAID. This is not a bios issue. I have loaded over 12 different drivers including all that were on my motherboard driver cd.....

Thanks anyways

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by CG IT In reply to SATA HD not recognized by ...

I beg your pardon but the Promise SATA controller is NOT SEEN by XP as IDE controller. you have 2 IDE controllers on your mainboad and SATA controllers. They are NOT the same. The promise SATA controller is a SCSI type of controller and hense needs to be in the boot sequence of the BIOS. If you tried enabling boot SCSI in the BIOS you would be able to boot. I'm running a MSI K7N2GL mainboard with Promise 378 SATA and have to have boot SCSI enabled in the boot sequence or the computer won't boot. If looks for an IDE drive on an IDE controller and can't find any as they don't exist.

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by CG IT In reply to

your Promise SATA controller is a RAID controller and you have to create the arrary with the drive whether you have one drive or 2. The array is considered a mass storage device [SCSI] and as such requires boot SCSI in the boot sequence.

try it you might find out it works since you obviously have tried everything else and that hasn't worked this can't hurt. Not a driver issue guy.

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by JGranieri In reply to SATA HD not recognized by ...


The reason why I say it IS a driver issue is because my BIOS does detect the presence of a HD whether its on the Sata RAID connector or just the plain Sata connector. I have tried to setup an array . What I mean before is that there is a option in the BIOS that sets the onboard controller (Promise 37 to act as 1 of 2 modes (Raid or IDE Controller). When booting off of a XP CD and doing a fresh install for the 1st time, none of the 12 drivers I have loaded to a floppy help windows xp find my HD. I will try your idea of enable the SCSI boot sequence, but after all of the articles I have read on, and as well as none of the help articles list anything about using the SCSI boot sequence. I do appreciate your help.

I am going to try it tonight. Thanks again CT

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by CG IT In reply to SATA HD not recognized by ...

well when you do the install and XP asks you if you have SCSI third party mass storage device drivers to press F6 you press F6 and when Windows prompts you to install from a floppy, install BOTH XP drivers [there are 2 in the floppy.scroll to find the second driver]. Windows will then continue to install the all the necessary files and reboot. you should then boot up and windows will continue to load. .

the above procedure is what I had to use on my MSI K7N2GL-ISLR mainboard with the Promise SATA onboard controller. Worked for me.

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