SATA Help!!!!!

By michaelalexanderboyer ·
I've purchased a new SATA hard drive since the old one that I had was now a victim of my brother's son viedeogaming.
I boght this new hard drive just to find out that it wasn't compatible with my computer.
The next thing I did was to buy a sata pci controller without knowing much about it. NOW...I don't know if this thing is actually going to work if I don't jave any other hard drives.
What am I supposed to do now???

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When you start to install Windows XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA Help!!!!!

Press the F6 key at the very beginning of the XP install and when asked copy the PCI Drivers onto a Floppy and use that to tell the computer where to find a HDD through the PCI to SATA Controller Card.

You will need to copy the necessary drivers to the root of a floppy for this to be possible and be able to load the system.


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Ok..I bought this card and it does not have any power wires directed to the hard drive, is it going to work?

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drive doesn't get power from the card.

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Hmmm...

The only connection from the card would be the data cable. Power would come from one of the power supply connectors. You may need an adapter to fit the SATA drive power connector.

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If your Power Supply doesn't have any Sata Power Cables

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hmmm...

You can pick up a converter from a IDE to SATA Drive Power Cable and that plugs in first with the Data Cable which is all that comes from the PCI SATA Card and attachers to the SATA Drive.

Till you get the Power Adaptor or use one already connected to the Power Supply the HDD is incapable of working as it will have no power just like any other drive of any description.


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I bought the power adapter, but now when I press f6 to intall the driver it shows up something like this ?pide created an unexpected error on C:./././.?
Does this means that I have to install any extra drivers to the SATA RAID controller that I bought or just that I need another driver for the Maxtor Diamond Max 10 6v080E0.
If so, Could you PLEASE give me some answers where to find it, because I?ve tried with no such luck as I would like to.

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Actually this sounds like neither

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ok..Done

It actually sounds as if you have a Hardware incompatibility with the M'Board and PCI to SATA Card. When you press the F6 key the Windows installer should continue on without a hitch and when it's finished installing the necessary things it then asks for the PCI Driver.

Are you using a OEM Copy of Windows One from Microsoft or a Slipstreamed copy like one for Dell, HP, Gateway or the like one with a makers name on the front of the CD? If you are using the latter it's unlikely to have the necessary drivers on it and will be incapable of loading everything needed as this is removed from these CD's and only the actual drivers for the supplied hardware are provided.

The Genuine MS CD's have a Copper coloured Hologram on the back of the CD's.


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It's getting expensive

Now I bought a new ATA Hard drive, is a Maxtor too (120gb).
The computer recognized the Hard drive instantly, but when I try to install Windows XP the same thing happens over and over again, "the File....dll" or "the file ...sys" and some more can't be copyed when windows tryes to just copy the files to install.
Now...this happens with Windows 98 too, I just don't know what is wrong with my computer. Now, I'm sure that is not the hard drive, but what could it be if the bios is as it is supposed to be.
Please tell me that it has a solution.

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Without knowing what hardware you have it's harder

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's getting expensive

But every BIOS has an Upper Size Limit imposed on it by the Version of the BIOS so you need to look at the version of the BIOS that you have and see if you have exceeded the Maximum Size of the HDD that it recognises.

You also need to have the IDE drive jumpers set correctly so you don't have any errors creep in as well and if your M'Board doesn't support the Cable Select Option you'll need to set the HDD to master or Slave depending on where on the IDE lead it is.

If it's on the end of the lead it's the Master and if it's plugged into the middle of the lead it's the Slave drive and needs to be set as such on a 40 way IDE Cable and you can use the CS Option on an 80 way cable provided that the M'Board supports the 80 way IDE Leads.


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