Sata Ports ot recognized

By $loppy 2ndz ·
I have a HP a1600n and I'm trying to flash another hard drive using a free Sata port on my motherboard (there are 3) but the software I'm using is not identifying any of the free Sata ports. I'm doing everything correctly, the drive just won't show up.

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What do you mean "flash another hard drive" ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sata Ports ot recognized

What are you doing in order to FLASH it? I'd only use the term with respect to a BIOS or optical drive Firmware.

What software are you using that is creating difficulty?
What OS are you running with?

How can you be flashing another hard drive if NONE of the SATA ports are responding?

Have you enabled SATA within the BIOS yet?

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Did you enable the port

by Kenone In reply to Sata Ports ot recognized
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If flash=clone, then is this software windows based?

by cmatthews In reply to Sata Ports ot recognized

When you say it won't show up.. Do you know for sure if there's a valid partition on the new drive? (in Computer Management, Administrative Tools, Disk Management)

If there is an NTFS partition, does it show up as Foreign? (with a small exclamation mark and no drive letter) You could right-click import it.

You could boot from CD and try free clonezilla or acronis, ghost.. (if you have a copy).

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