Sata problems

By symon.l ·
Hey guys,

I posted a while back with some sata problems and windows XP pro, Ive done what was suggested.

Make a intergrated XP pro with SP2 and im still getting the same problem, Windows will load i can login and carry on doing what ever i need to do and the pc will just reboot. Ive checked the logs and it doesnt really tell me whats caused the crash. Even in safe mode... any other suggestions.

PC spec - Raptor sata 150gb
Intel 3.0ghz
Mainboard - MSI neo-v 649
Gforce 8800 GTS
Windows XP pro.

^^ this is from memory.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

p.s My system was fine on IDE its only since ive put the sata HD on. so im guessing it is some kinda of hardware conflict and im new to sata.

Thanks in advance

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Turn off automatic restart on error

by IC-IT In reply to Sata problems

Go into System Properties, Advanced Tab, Startup and Recovery Settings Button, Uncheck Automatic Restart.

This should result in a BSOD and an error message when it decides to restart.
Post the message here after it occurs.

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by omnknt232006 In reply to Turn off automatic restar ...

This a long shot but check the cable connecting the HDD to the motherboard for flaws. Make sure its plugged in on the right spot. If there is more than one SATA connector try using the other one.

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Option Jumper and RAID

by TheChas In reply to Sata problems

First off, your motherboard has a SATA 1 interface. I believe your drive has a SATA II interface.

I believe you need to set the OPT1 jumper on the drive to limit it to the STA 1 speed of ATA150.

I did not read through the manual for your MSI motherboard. But, some of the on-board SATA controllers are RAID controllers. As such, even when using just a single drive, you need to enter the drive controller BIOS and configure the drive as a single volume RAID array.


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by symon.l In reply to Option Jumper and RAID

Ill give this all a try.. this is the problem when you buy OEM hardware :) no manaul :)

Thanks alot for your suggestions, Chas i didnt know there was a difference i thing this is proberbly what the problem is as its all pointing towarards some hardware conflict.

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