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SATA Raid Drivers for XP

By mysticalflames18 ·
So I bought a 500gb SATA HDD, when I start up windows to do a windows xp install it gives me the error message "Setup did not fid any HDD installed in your computer". So I went out and got the drivers and did the F6 thing and it went through and then it did the same thing. I was wondering if anyone could help me please solve this problem I did check to make sure all the wires were connected. I used this driver http://tinyurl.com/yuwokf just go to the website it will take you to filefront. Maybe I did get the wrong SATA raid driver let me know what you need to help me. My motherboard is an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe.

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Use the Asus

by IC-IT In reply to SATA Raid Drivers for XP
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by fkayalar In reply to Use the Asus
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Which SATA Controller

by TheChas In reply to SATA Raid Drivers for XP

Which SATA controller are you connected to?

The Silicon Image controller driver will not work if you are connected to the Nvidia SATA interface.

Further, you need to make sure that the SATA controller is enabled in BIOS setup before you can use it.

If you are using the Silicon Image SATA controller, I believe that you need to use the RAID configuration utility and configure a RAID array before the BIOS can boot to a drive connected there. Yes, you can have a single disk RAID configuration.

As to the driver, why not download directly from Asus or Silicon Image? I avoid third party sources as much as possible.

If you are using the Nvidia SATA, you can create a driver by booting to the Asus CD and running the driver utility.

I did notice that some versions of the Nvidia driver require specific versions of the BIOS in order to function properly.


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cannot detect HDD

by gentxt004 In reply to SATA Raid Drivers for XP

your motherboard cannot support 500 gb hd. thats why your motherboard cannot detect the hardisk 500gb. you must buy 160 hdd sata

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by balge In reply to cannot detect HDD

why is that then?


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by balge In reply to SATA Raid Drivers for XP

just been through this dual booting a laptop Vista to XP, had to turn off AHCI in the BIOS and slipstream SATA drivers into the XP install disk - used NLite -



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