SATA to Firewire?

By Tink! ·
I've not done much work personally with SATA drives, so question is:

Can I hook up a SATA hard drive to an IDE machine that has a Firewire card?

Would it be bootable? (the IDE machine hard drive is dead and removed)

Thanks! Tink

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You'll need

by seanferd In reply to SATA to Firewire?

a SATA to Firewire (1394) adapter, or a Firewire drive enclosure.

As long as the BIOS offers to boot from the 1394 port, you should be good. Otherwise, you will likely want a USB adapter or drive enclosure.

Since I assume the drive will need to be powered in some manner, an enclosure would be the way to go.

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How is that again?

by dawgit In reply to SATA to Firewire?

Firewire (IEEE 1394) used to connect an external device... (1)
opposed to the internal IDE connection on the mainboard. (2)

1) Yes any external Hard drive enclosure that has it's connection with firewire (normally a 6 pole connection for that) that accepts or is able to contain a SATA HD can be used on your computer...

>But: a) your computer will then have to be able to be booted from that connection (modern mainboard BIOS's allow for a USB boot, but I'm not 100% sure about an added, as in added card, Firewire boot)

and: b) Because of 'a' above you might need to have the Firewire card drivers already loaded some how before the computer can 'see' the new HD.

2) IDE (ATA) is pretty much set, and can't be made into SATA. So in this case you might be better off buying another ATA drive. It could save you a lot of nerves in the end.

There might be another way, and that would be a SATA add on card that might be bootable. (having an on card BIOS to boot the computer, similar to a LAN card with a wake on LAN function) Those are available (at least over here) But then you'd be purchasing a card (100$ maybe) in addition to a HD.

But the HD through Firewire to a bootable computer, while not impossible, is a funny way to get where you want to go.

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Why thank you Tink!

by dawgit In reply to SATA to Firewire?

As you know though, I followed you over to your next Question. But NO, I'm not stalking. Just trying to be friendly :)

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