SATA to IDE adapters any good?

By robo_dev ·
I am in the middle of rebuilding a server and have a beautiful extra 200 GB IDE drive, yet the new mobo has only SATA.

Do the SATA to IDE adapters work well?


Do these work reliably? Do they work well, performance-wise?

Would it be better to buy a PCI card IDE adapter instead?

Or just punt and buy an external USB drive case?

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It works

by ashish.sharma In reply to SATA to IDE adapters any ...

I was almost in a similar situation couple months ago. I need IDE to SATA converter and I found it on Dell's site. It in an old Dell workstation now and working just fine.

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A bit of caution

by TobiF In reply to SATA to IDE adapters any ...

I followed the link you supplied. Some previous buyers have posted their comments there, and they point out that with this particular product, you may have to do some nasty hardware work, where there's risk to kill your harddrive.

Elsewise, I'd guess that this solution may work, but if you want this server to be alert and react quickly, then you're better off use your spare IDE drive somewhere else and get a SATA drive for the server.

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other than that....

by robo_dev In reply to A bit of caution

Other than 'possibly killing my hard drive' it works great :) :)

Like those drug commercials.... the product will cure your sore knee, but side affects may include brain explosion, uncontrollable bleeding from your eyes.... :)

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OK these things work fine BUT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SATA to IDE adapters any ...

I would think twice about using one in a Server that is Mission Critical.

it's just another layer of complexity that can go wrong and with Servers this isn't a good thing.

While it may work flawlessly it may also cause the system to think that the HDD is failing when it's actually the interface card. :0

Personally instead of buying a PCI to IDE Card I would be using SATA Drives as they are just faster than a IDE and better for performance in a Server.

I would personally fit the IDE Drive to a USE/Firewire External Case and use it for Backing up. 200 GIG in a position like that is more than useful.


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Good advice

by robo_dev In reply to OK these things work fine ...

I have a bunch of the external cases laying around somewhere.

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I have never had a problem . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to SATA to IDE adapters any ...

I use these:

they're completely encased so that the chips are not exposed

the only issue is they add about 2 extra inches to the end of the drive
so the space needs to be there or it doesn't work

also all of these are usually only SATA-I @ 1.5Gbps

but still waaaaay faster than USB

edit: add link

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Of course nowadays drives are so cheap....

by robo_dev In reply to I have never had a proble ...

It looks like I can buy a SATA 500GB drive for around $40 USD.

Since the adapter gizmo costs around $20, and my drive is more than two years old, I may just go the lazy route and buy a new drive.

Thanks everybody for the info and advice :)

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Why adapt or convert?

by oldbaritone In reply to SATA to IDE adapters any ...

It's probably less expensive to buy a true IDE controller than a converter or adapter, and you won't need to worry about issues with it.

I just went through something similar with my kid's computer: Sister-in-law bought the kid a video game; the game needed a better video card. Got the video card, plugged in the monitor (flat-screen VGA with DVI adapter) and it didn't work.

I talked to a reliable supplier, and asked about a converter to make the VGA screen work with DVI that didn't provide analog signals.

He told me, "Honestly, you can probably find a converter, but it will be almost as expensive as a new monitor, and you may have compatibility issues. You KNOW the new monitor will work."

In your situation, "Honestly, you can probably get a converter, but an IDE controller for your drive is only $20-30 or so, and you KNOW it will work. Why risk the hassles?"

(and I'm mad at my siter-in-law: she spent $35 for a game, and it cost me $250 for video board and monitor. Grrr....) ;-)

Good luck.

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Reminded me (off topic)

by TobiF In reply to Why adapt or convert?

My dear, I need a new car that would match my new shoes.

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Well I had someone suggest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reminded me (off topic)

That I restore a Gull Wing Merc by buying a Cylinder Head and building the car from that.

Seemed even too much for me so I didn't ask SWMBO if she would like one of the few Gull Wing Mercedes that are around. She's seen one or two and made nice sounds about them but starting with just a Cylinder Head is even a bit too much for me. But then again if I really wanted one maybe......


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