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SATA to PATA jumper question:

By rathersailawa ·
I am attempting to add a 1TB SATA drive to an older PATA machine using a connector/adapter. The new drive is a Western Digital Green...

The web instructions say that the SATA slave comes by default as CSEL. Further, that if CSEL isn't supported by the machine, a special CSEL cable should be used. Isn't it possible to just attach the SATA connector to the middle of the data cable and jumper it to slave? Will that work? (Don't have the machine here in the shop...house call later on!). The machine is a Dell Dimension 8300.

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Some Points

by willcomp In reply to SATA to PATA jumper quest ...

SATA drives do not have Master/Slave/CS jumpers. I'm assuming that's handled by the SATA/PATA adapter which is set for CS.

Dell has used IDE ribbon cables which support CS for over 10 years, so cable in PC should be compatible with CS. All 80 wire/40 pin IDE cables support CS while 40 wire/40 pin cables may or may not.

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It may work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SATA to PATA jumper quest ...

But then again it may not work. I guess that you'll have To Suck it and See.

But from my experience these adapters are at best Marginal and usually very unreliable.

If I have to fit a SATA Drive to a M'Board that doesn't have Native Support I always fit a PCI SATA Card it just keeps the customer happier.


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Reponse To Answer

by Bruce Epper In reply to It may work

And using a SATA controller card will allow the user to have all of the benefits of the new drive instead of operating at the slower PATA speeds (if it works at all).

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SATA Mode Jumper

by TheChas In reply to SATA to PATA jumper quest ...

Check your drive.

As your cable and most PCI adapters are limited to SATA I speeds, you may need / want to set the drive SATA mode jumper to limit the drive to SATA I speed.

Like OH Smeg stated about the PCI card, setting the mode jumper improves reliability in a legacy system.


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Supports SATA?

by willcomp In reply to SATA to PATA jumper quest ...

According to the service manual for Dimension 8300 PCs. the motherboard has 2 SATA connectors. If so, you can connect the SATA drive natively without an adapter. It was common for Dell and HP to use IDE drives when SATA drivers were first introduced even though motherboards had SATA support.

You will need a molex to SATA power adapter to connect PSU to hard disk unless the PSU has been updated.

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Reponse To Answer

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Supports SATA?

LOL! Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?

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