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    SATA378 WinXP Promice controller


    by msi centurion ·

    Windows Cannot Be installed to this disk. windows needs the Driver for device [WinXP Promise SATA378 ( tm ) IDE controller ] . Click Load Drivers and Load the Requierd device driver.

    Now what ? Where do i find this device drive , the hard drive is a 300GB Hitachi.

    Any help thanks

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      Get the driver from the computer vendor.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to SATA378 WinXP Promice controller

      The vendor should have this and any other driver you need for the motherboard. XP cannot install to the drive as there was no SATA support when XP was released.

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      Computer Vendor ?

      by msi centurion ·

      In reply to SATA378 WinXP Promice controller

      Btw I aint trying to install XP , It’s windows 7 and i’v also tried with vista and got the same message

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