SATAII Add card

By sbrager ·
I've maxed my computer on SATAII drives DVD burners and would like to add a few more. I have an IDE slot open for the card. My plan is to put the DVD burners on the card and free up the native SATA ports. Can you recommend an inexpensive card which can handle burning DVDs especially DL burns.



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Open PCIe Slot?

by TheChas In reply to SATAII Add card

You need to have an open PCI Express slot in order to be able to install a SATA II controller.

If all your motherboard has is standard PCI slots, then you are limited to SATA I controllers.

Either way, I would start by looking at what SiiG has to offer. I have found their cards to be stable and reliable.

I would avoid IDE to SATA adapters. First off, you will be limited to a data rate slower than SATA I. Second, they have a tendency to be less reliable than plug-in cards.


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And I don't know if this is important or not to you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Open PCIe Slot?

But if you stick the Optical Drives onto a Plug in Card they will not be Bootable.

If you need to repair the OS or reload it you could be in for some problems. Which could be got around by fitting a IDE Burner to the available IDE Controller on the M'Board.


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Open PCI-e Slot?

by sbrager In reply to Open PCIe Slot?

Because I want to use DVD burner with these, the speed is not critical. I'll look into the SiiG Sata card.

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