Satellite A135-S4827 Password Issues

By neurotica ·
I've done research on password recovery and am unable to get passed this bios password. Is their a service which I may use?

I've purchased this laptop from a friend and now admits he does not know where his friend got it. After seeing the bios password problem I can only imagine but the problem is still here.

I could just as easily get a replacement drive for it but would rather solve the issue and help someone get their missing laptop back.

I've seen places which claim to be able to remove the bios password but after my reading it would appear the bios password is written to the drives hardware.

Anyone know where I might send this to have it removed or any ideas on how to remove it?

Suggestions would be appreciated!


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How about Toshiba?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Satellite A135-S4827 Pass ...

They have a known issue of setting Passwords on some Toshiba Satellite NB's and this Password is stored in a Security Chip on the M'Board not a HDD.

You need to take it to Toshiba prove Ownership of the NB and they will then remove the password for a fee.


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If you are really concerned

by tintoman In reply to Satellite A135-S4827 Pass ...

about getting the computer back to its rightful owner I would suggest that you hand it in to the Police to see if anyone claims it, or they can match it a theft on record

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